Connect a UI table to several modulators

  • I haven't found a solution in the forum... Any idea?

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  • I don't think it's possible. Each table can only connect to one module's table or to another table on the UI. However several tables on the UI can share a single table data object. What would be good is if you could set table modulators to use a table data object too. @Christoph-Hart 😉

  • Yes that is a good idea. Actually the entire data system behind the table is very old (it's actually one of the first UI elements I wrote for HISE) and I needed to change it in order to work with SNEX, so a little bit of cleaning up might not hurt.

  • @Christoph-Hart

    • Is there any chance to get back the Script Envelope? I'd like to script my own from array interpolation...

    • What is also annoying in the tables is that a change is taken into account only when releasing a node, not real-time when dragging, which makes a very odd user experience... But if we get Script Envelope back I don't need the tables anymore

    I know Script Envelope has been removed because it is now a part of scriptnode, but then we don't have it for the samplers...

  • @ustk said in Connect a UI table to several modulators:

    I know Script Envelope has been removed because it is now a part of scriptnode, but then we don't have it for the samplers...


    Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @d-healey It's just an empty shell now...
    Here's how it was back in the days' earth was something kinda rounded 🙂

    alt text

  • @ustk Aha I see now, would a script time variant modulator work?

  • @d-healey It might work in my case but not sure it is the same thing, especially about polyphony but I'll try. Since it has noteOn/Off it should work for monophonic stuff at least, dunno...

  • @Christoph-Hart I tried to make a dspNetwork in a scripted envelope and just inserted a node.add to test it, but no modulation signal is coming out... I don't know if this should work or if the scripted envelope is deprecated. You said once that it has been removed to address scripted envelope via scriptnode so I thought dspNetwork was the way to go.
    Also accessing a scriptnode parameter in the scripted envelope weirdly toggles the mono/poly mode...

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