I'm getting crazy :o :/

  • I try compile this * preset that doesn't work path I don't know what missing something 😕
    I did that really long installation from github, installed visual studio 2015, delete other versions that bugged the 2015 version, installed all these idiot libraries SDK I don't know what, tryed export my VST with the correct informations in the settings, it doesn't work AT ALL 😞
    It does now a few hours I have many errors I don't know what to do, I have 3 versions of HISE installed, the installed 1.0.0 bugs doesn't start, the compiled exe I did don't find the libraries and the only doing something 'correct' is from github, after being exported with projucer and visual studio.
    From my issues, I have two big annoying things I really need to solve:

    -> can't compile as monolith. It opens a void error, nothing written....
    text alternatif


    -> while exporting, it does VST SDK missing, or the thing is that it's installed!
    I showed him the directory... The main directory of HISE.
    It prints me random erros, like these ones:

    text alternatif
    text alternatif

    I really really really need help, real help, something that works.

  • OK, well dont panic first we need to clear up whats happening:

    "I try compile this * preset that doesn't work path I don't know what missing something :/"

    -- what is "this * preset" ?

    -- do you have a working version of HISE that you have compiled from GitHub source code?

    -- have you tried to build a very very simple (just a sine wave generator) VST?

    -- where did you put the VST libaries?

  • FYI, If the 1.0 version is crashing, you can fix this by deleting the file %APPDATA%/HISE/editorData.json (I am working on this so it should doesn't crash anymore).

  • If you get an error with something about SDKs make sure you copied them in the folder:
    HISE/tools/SDK/ (ASIOSDK2.3 + VST3 SDK).

    The Projucer should refer to them via the (release, debug) Header search paths to ../../../../tools/SDK/ASIOSDK2.3/common .

    Hope that helps 🙂


  • Wow thank you for trying helping me! 🙂
    In order:

    @Lindon: Right, the preset in question is a simple interface with volume and pan, playing only one bank.
    About a working verion: yeah I have one fully working from Github, but it still can't export for some unknown reasons 🙂
    For a simple VST, yes of course. Simple vsts work as one very complex I'm making!
    Here is my directory installation:
    In SDK I have this:
    3 folders, ASIOSDK2.3, VST_SDK, VSTModuleArchitectureSDK
    2 files: Readme.md and vstsdk367_03_03_2017_build_352.zip

    Hise.exe is here:

    @C.Hart: Sure? I can safely delete %APPDATA%/HISE/editorData.json without making troubles with my programs?

    @D.Mayer: Yes, it's in the good directory. Also it exists ../../../../tools/SDK/ASIOSDK2.3/common in HISE-master.

    I'm asking to some questions ^^ I can't understand why it wouldn't work...

  • Yes, it's just a settings file that stores the current state of your workspace. If you delete it, it will open a vanilla version of HISE.

  • Right 🙂
    So, any soluce about this issue?

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