Breaking Changes: Monophonic Envelope Mode

  • Hi everybody,

    I've just pushed a change to the GitHub repository which allows monophonic usage (with / or without retriggering) for envelopes. However this was a rather intrusive change which might lead to backward incompatibility if:

    1. an envelope is controlled via script AND
    2. you used magic numbers for the parameters (like 0 for Attack). This is because the parameters Monophonic and Retrigger must be stored before the other envelope parameters leading to a index change of the parameters. If you were using the enum values from the envelope object (eg SimpleEnvelope.Attack, then everything is fine because they simply contain the new value (I highly recommend using these enum properties to avoid problems like this in the future).

    But monophonic envelopes are fun 🙂

  • Is there a list of enum values for other modules?

  • You can get the enums either by looking in the ModuleBrowser or using the autocomplete popup (I prefer the latter one).

  • hmmm when I use Console.print(SimpleEnvelope.Attack); it comes up with undefined.

  • Have you created a module called SimpleEnvelope using the script variable declaration stuff?

    The enums are constant properties of the object you created to access modules

  • Oh right I see, I thought they were global constants. Are there enums for sampler attributes too?

  • A follow up to my previous comment, I see in the module browser that the sampler has BufferSize = 5 but when I type Console.print(mySampler.BufferSize); the console shows undefined. So I'm just using the magic number 5 for now.

  • Ah yes, this is a little bit annoying, I already added the SamplerSound properties like HiKey, LoKey as enums to the Sampler. I can still add the other ones, but then it gets a little bit crowded there.

  • Excellent ! Really needed this for what I am doing .
    Loving Hise so far.

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