fixed expansion hr1 archiving

  • Just noticed this commit from a few days ago. Does this mean the expansion system is working again?

  • Im interested in this too, been waiting to test out the expansion system for a few months now. πŸ™‚

  • Nope, it was just a minor fix for PercX.

  • 😭 lol

  • Darn it 😞

  • My heart always beating faster when i see information about expansion in commits πŸ˜„

  • Is there anything stopping us from making our own expansion type system now we have the various file APIs (which I have yet to explore)? The main thing expansions solved for me was being able to change which presets showed up in the preset browser based on the selected expansion, is that possible via the new APIs?

  • @d-healey You can totally build your own preset browsers now with the new FileSystem API. I just finished building out a sub-preset loader / saver which stores the files in a different preset folder within AppData πŸ˜€

    Now that we can read / write any file and load it as an object, you can build pretty much whatever you need to from what I can tell.

  • @d-healey Though to answer your question, I think you still need to edit the C++ to change which presets are shown in the preset browser. Unless of course you just build your own preset browser.

  • Well sample maps and embedded midi files will require the β€žrealβ€œ expansion system, but for simple use cases like Casey described you might get somewhere.

  • @Christoph-Hart Any ETA on fixing the proper expansion system?

  • What would actually be helpful would be a list of things that donβ€˜t work (or what you are trying to do and what prevents you from doing so). Itβ€˜s basically finished (from the inside), but I kind of lost the overview over all use cases so this might be the most efficient way to fix all the trivial issies so you can work with it.

  • @Christoph-Hart

    These are the main issues I'm aware of:

    • If you click the button to create a new expansion folder, the file browser will open to choose a destination, but then when you click save HISE will just close.
    • The dropdown list of expansions in the sampler workspace is always empty (even for old projects that have expansions already).
    • Engine.getExpansionList(); always returns an empty array
    • I'm not sure if expansion loading is working (needs testing).

    If these issues are fixed then I think we would have a usable system.

    Other additions that would be nice:

    • A method to extract hr files to ch from within a script so that we could implement an integrated downloader/installer.
    • The settings tile has a button to change sample location, it would be good if this updated when the expansion was changed.

    If anyone else knows of other expansion related issues please chime in.

  • @d-healey I still have the c++ saveInPreset preset issue as before. It’s really important for users when loading the plugin on a saved project in the daw. The plugin should be able to load the used expansion preset onInit so the user doesn’t have to spend amounts of time finding out what preset they used for their project.

    ..unless their had been a fix for this I’m unaware of. Thank you lotsπŸ™‚

  • These are the main issues I'm aware of:

    Speaking of trivial issues, you haven't enabled the Expansion Support checkbox in your project's preferences in HISE πŸ™‚


    I changed it during the rewrite so that you don't need to recompile HISE with another flag in order to use projects with Expansions, (so the HI_ENABLE_EXPANSIONS flag isn't necessary anymore as long as you don't use any custom C++ expansions you don't need to mess with compiler flags anymore).

    The default setting is "Disabled", which will be the case for projects created before this change. Just change it (restart HISE) and all the things you mentioned are working.

  • @Christoph-Hart Well that was a sneaky thing to do 🐱 Thank you!! Maybe replace the silent crashing with a popup message though.

  • New issue (or maybe there is a solution already πŸ˜› )

    Loading an expansion used to update the preset browser with the expansion's presets but this doesn't seem to be working now.

  • @d-healey @Christoph-Hart i noticed issue on builded plugin. I copied expansions to plugin folder in AppData but they're not visible in plugin.

  • Did anyone manage to get expansions working correctly since latest fixes ?

  • @Dalart There hasn't been any fixes. Turns out expansions were (mostly) working all along, Christoph just hadn't told us we needed to change a setting. There are some other issues @arminh reported but there haven't been any expansion related commits since then so I assume those issues are still present.

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