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    Done. I've called them exportScriptControls / restoreScriptControls so that it's pretty clear that this works only for script modules.

  • Brilliant, I'll add these to my new script now and it should be good to go...

  • What other styleData do we have available for the preset browser? Is it possible to scale the window contents so if I make the preset browser smaller the text becomes smaller too?

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    Not yet, but the idea is to make this as flexible as needed. Currently you can only set the text / icon colour and the background colour:

    Content.makeFrontInterface(600, 500);
      const var PresetBrowserTile = Content.addFloatingTile("PresetBrowserTile", 3, 2);
      // [JSON PresetBrowserTile]
      Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("PresetBrowserTile", {
        "width": 550,
        "height": 349,
        "parentComponent": "BrowsePanel"
      // [/JSON PresetBrowserTile]
      const var presetBrowserData = 
          "Type": "PresetBrowser",
              "bgColour": "0xFF111111",
              "itemColour1": "0xFFBBE9FF"

    But the system is pretty extendable without too much effort, so anything that makes sense and is requested can be added (eg. font type, font colour, etc).

  • This is the size I need the preset browser to be to fit on my interface but as you can see it doesn't fit nicely. I'd like to be able to change the font size, or just rescale the whole interface.


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    Wow, that's a real small interface - all projects I am working on correctly have at least something like 1000 x 700 px...

    I could add a font size property to the preset browser (along with a font name since this might also be subject of customization).

    However you can also choose to put the preset browser over the virtual keyboard which gives you additional 72px of preset browsing (remember, the old layout with the topbar and the fixed keyboard on the bottom is gone and you can put those pieces together as you like).

  • Yes some font customisation would be good. I'll see if I can work my GUI to make a bit more room for the preset browser. My GUI doesn't have a lot of controls so I don't need it to be too big.

  • With the floating tile system this function no longer seems to work Engine.setLowestKeyToDisplay(); Perhaps it should be included in the styleData?

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    Ah yes, this is deprecated. I'll remove this function.

    You can already customize a few things with the keyboard. This is the full JSON:

    Content.makeFrontInterface(600, 200);
    const var keyboardData = {
      "Type": "Keyboard",
      "LayoutData": {
        "Size": 72
      "KeyWidth": 14, // change the width per key in pixels
      "LowKey": 9, // set the lowest key to display
      "HiKey": 127, // set the highest key to display - no need to change that actually :)
      "CustomGraphics": false, // if true, it looks in {IMAGE_FOLDER}/keyboard for files called up_0.png ... to up_12.png and down_0.png to down_12.png
      "DefaultAppearance": true, // set this to false to use custom graphics
      "BlackKeyRatio": 0.69999999 // change the relative height of the black keys
    const var FloatingTile = Content.addFloatingTile("FloatingTile", 0, 0);
    // [JSON FloatingTile]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("FloatingTile", {
      "width": 600,
      "height": 80
    // [/JSON FloatingTile]

  • Excellent!

  • I noticed the exportScriptControls functions show up in the API browser for effects and modulators too but when I try to use the restore function it produces an error.

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    I've called them exportScriptControls / restoreScriptControls so that it's pretty clear that this works only for script modules.

    Yes, if you call this on a module that isn't a script, it will produce an error. The API function is there because you can create scripted modulators and effects which use this function.

  • I think I've finally finished my first full HISE library - with the exception of some URL parsing ;). A collection of woodwind instruments. I've completed a factoryPreset creation library that I've used to save and automatically load all of the settings of the various instruments in this collection, including keyboard range and colouring, and sample maps. There are a few caveats which I'll get around to explaining in a tutorial video at some point but you're welcome to use it as it is. The code is available at my GitHub repo - https://github.com/davidhealey/HISE-Scripting-Framework/tree/master/v3/libraries

    alt text

  • looks great! im hoping i can learn from this. it seems you have presets and samplemaps all the way down which i was still having an issue with

  • nvrmnd i have no idea what to do with this stuff lol

  • I've just compiled the instrument to a VSTi and opened it in Reaper but the preset browser doesn't show any of my factory presets... any suggestions @Christoph-Hart?

  • ive been having the same issue with my project. none of the user presets show up in the preset browser on standalone and vst compile

  • i found it wasnt copying the user presets to appdata/roaming(yourpluginfolder) and i was able to get it to show my presets by pasting them in there. however it doesnt load a preset initially and also im still having issues with it recalling samplemaps per user preset

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    The user presets are supposed to be copied by your installer to the app data directory but there are some weird file permission issues on the latest macOS which is why I am thinking about embedding them in the binaries and extracting them at first launch anyway.

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    And it doesn't load a preset but restores the exact state when you exported it.

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