Image quality drop in HISE going from Mac to Windows

  • Has anybody else experienced a drop in quality for images/filmstrips when loading projects created on HISE OSX in Windows?
    Png images appear grainy and pixelated...

    I am using a Windows 10 virtual machine and have checked the quality of other native plugins & images, which appear fine.

    The drop in quality is apparent both within HISE and in compiled plugins.



  • Make it 2x bigger and then scale it in hise 🙂

  • @arminh thanks but the images were already scaled when creating the project on the MAC side. With a 'scaleFactor' of 0.4 to be exact.

    Loading the same project in Windows - images appear noticeably lower in quality ☹

    Or do I need to be even more agressive when it comes to scaling when using HISE in Windows?

  • @LeeC said in Image quality drop in HISE going from Mac to Windows:


    It might be possible that the resampling algorithm is worse in WIndows UI rendering, but 0.4 is a really bad scale factor to begin with. Why not 0.5?

  • @Christoph-Hart I'll try at 0.5 and see if it makes a difference.
    Have a feeling that something else is going on though. Thanks

  • @Christoph-Hart you were right about the scale factor. 0.5 looked a lot sharper!
    One last issue... I've notice that chaning the 'scale' for images on HISE does not appear to make any difference to their size on the UI. It's fine for filmstrips but not for images.

    Changing the scale to 0.5 (as shown in the screenshot below) does not affect the size of the related image.
    The only way to change the size is to use the image resizer using a mouse.

    alt text

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