New Reason Support

  • It would be good to possibly add support for Reason. I don't know enough about Reason to know why the NSK is not working with Reason, but I've been getting a lot more requests for Reason.

  • ..and I would (given the opportunity) vote most definitely AGAINST this. Reason plug-ins are complex, a mess and PropellerHeads are even now messing with how they might work in the future, I think we are all actively staying OUT of that space, so I wouldnt like to see any of Christoph's valuable time dedicated to this...

  • Are you referring to the OLD Reason, or the new Reason that now supports VSTs? I'm referring to the newest version of Reason that supports VST.

  • I think Lindon is referring to their old plugin format (since Reason 9.5, you can load VST plugins, but as with any host, it may behave funky)

    I'll write Propellerhead if they give me a NFR copy to check out what's wrong.

  • Yep I was talking about the old REASON-defined plugin format.But VSTs - should (as Christoph alludes) work out of the box... But Propellerheads...tsk tsk...

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