CPU Usage question

  • More than likely a noob question.... But if I have 4 sound generators, different layers and I decide to add different FX to each layer instead of just on the Master, would that eat up a lot of CPU? If I had everything from Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Distortion etc. on each layer so 4 of each...

  • The CPU usage of master effects is rather low so if your architecture requires it, it should not be a critical issue. The real CPU eaters are polyphonic effects because they scale up with the voice amount.

    However if you plan to do this just for convenience, I'd recommend to avoid it. If all you want is to apply the FX on a selection of your layers, I'd recommend implementing a dynamic routing system that allows you to control which layers are sent into the FX chain.

  • @Christoph-Hart Right I really don't want to have that type of set up now that I'm thinking about it. Just trying to find a way to do exactly what you said, apply the FX to only certain layers. How can I set up this Dynamic Routing system? With Routing Matrix?

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