Convolution Reverb Click on impulse change.

  • There is a pretty nasty click on impulse change with the Impulse reverb , its fine if there is no audio going through but when changing impulses and audio is running its pretty bad.

    Until it hopefully gets fixed with a small fade , I wonder if I could use a Global modulator to create a small fade at each switch and if its fast enough ? Can I trigger a modulator with an index switch somehow and route that to simple gain ?

    OR, I could delay the actual changing of the impulse when an impulse is switched and use a timer on a simple gain.


    Switch Impulse trigger - then timer sets Volume input down , then actual Switching of Impulse after a small delay -then timer sets Volume up. Something like that ?
    Wonder if its better to use a timer rather then something like the global modulator , unsure of how you trigger the global modulator ?

  • Nah it's something that should be addressed on the engine side. IIRC I did some work to remove clicks, but they have appeared to slip back in somehow.

    I'll add it to the tiny TODO list.

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