Monophonic behaviour ?

  • I am making a samplemap for a monophonic synth.

    If I set it to 2 voice it seems to behave monophonically somewhat but does not seem to change a lot when set to 5 voices , still being monophonic ? Can play 2 notes when the voice amount is 6 .Bit confusing ?

    What I would like to achieve as follows.

    1. low note priority , so playing and holding C and then playing C# will not play a note , playing and holding C and then B will play a note.

    2.If I play one C note , hold it, and then a play a lower note B it will override the first , but when I let go of B it will play the held C note.

    The Legato with Retrigger gets halfway there but has no note poriority.

    Is this possible somehow in Hise ?

  • Sounds like you just need a note filter.

    Something like this:

    if (noteB > noteA)

    You'll need to handle the setting and unsetting of the two variables in the on note on and on note off callbacks.

  • I see, thanks !

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