audio file envelope filter

  • Hello, I saw that it was possible to modulate a frequency with an "audio file envelope". it works rather well apart from the speed of reading which could be synchronized with the bpm when one slips a sample .. in short. is it possible to modulate a frequency like this system but in real time? imagine an fx plugin, a kick between it and in real time modulates the frequency of the filter. like a sidechain after all?
    I tried to make a sidechain effect with the lfo modulators but it does not work at all, high latency ... I would like to replace the audio file loop with something that would allow real time ...

  • What do you mean "speed of reading" ?

    Also, when you say high latency , do you mean overall latency or lack of sync to playhead ?

  • in fact I would like the reading speed to sync to the BPM. that the sample starts again from zero every 1 beat. the latency on the lfo is due I think to the head that the bpm synchronization is done at the start of the measurement and not at any point of reading in the daw. this makes this tool ineffective for a sidechain effect. So I wanted to try with the envelope file of the filter

  • Yep, this is actually a missing feature in HISE , that is , tracking the playhead .
    Major issue to me and for my plugins , hope it gets added soon.

  • @lalalandsynth is Engine.getPlayhead() not what you need?

  • @Lindon i was under the impression that it did not work properly when we were discussing this the other day? It does not work in PercX?

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