Visual Studio Version.

  • Ok so I've cleaned a big portion of my main dev machine for HISE, so I will install VS, but - as we know from my last install, the version of VS used by the build is no longer available, so you mentioned you'd try and get it ported across the VS 2017(?). I see the new UI looks close to complete(and let me add my congratulations on that whilst I'm here..) so do you have an ETA for a "more current" and available VS dependency?

  • I'll try to add a VS2017 support (the problem is that the Projucer of the JUCE version I am using doesn't have a VS2017 exporter and the IPP integration could also cause troubles).

    If you somehow manage to get a version of VS2015 Community, it would be the smartest solution.

  • Sure I can do that. But getting the compile dependency to a generally available VS version would seem like a good idea I think.

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