Custom look and feel per component

  • Currently custom look and feel works for all components of a type. Could we get the ability to apply a custom look to individual components?

    And can we stop the custom look and feel from messing with the HISE interface 🙂

  • @d-healey That would be cool. Until then, you can use the obj.text to apply rules (having the ID would be better though...)

  • I'm currently testing this with sliders by adding a new method to the slider class (so just declare the slider and then slider.setLAF(lafObjectName))

    This is basically how you do it in JUCE anyway so it feel familiar. It doesn't interfere with HISE this way too, although I quite like being able to change the HISE font 😛 the only downside to doing it this way is that you'd have to manually add it back in to each object you want to use it for (buttons/sliders/comboboxes etc) which doesn't blend well with the current functionality of globalLAF...

  • @LightandSound Sounds cool. I was trying to look at a custom laf implementation for sliders. Shouldn't be hard, but probably too much for me 🙃

  • How deep do I have to dive to achieve something like this look on the eq curve for example ?

    yagya Eq.jpg

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