Hise gui

  • is it possible to compile the gui separate from the plugin code itself? Or somehow create an html file of the hise plugin interface ?

  • What's the end goal?

  • @d-healey hi Dave. I’m using the elk-audio hardware to port my hise vst3 plugin. It requires a headless build of your plugin to be able to use the hardware, and also requires a separate GUI build file for functionality, and I’m wondering if hise can produce a compiled GUI separately from the plugin code. The end goal being a vst3 plugin with hardware capabilities. All kind of new stuff so just curious if this was a possibility. I can port the vst3 fine. I just didn’t want to create a whole new GUI to interact with it when I have a perfectly good one already. Thanks for your input🙂

  • The GNU/Linux build of HISE has a headless export option - but it doesn't work 😞 Christoph said to me to try it and comment out any code that produces an error until it builds successfully. I haven't got it to work so far but I didn't try very hard.

    I don't think it's possible to compile the GUI as a separate program.

  • The "Headless Linux" exporter was added with the sole purpose of ELK compatibility, but then you get a, well, headless plugin where you can just communicate via the plugin parameter API.

    It worked at some point, but I didn't test it since a few years, so chances might be high that something trivial slipped in and broke it.

  • @Christoph-Hart I’m assuming it’s not possible then with the export of just the GUI. That’s fine, maybe when your not so busy, could possibly find the bug in the headless build so we could have this option if needed? I’m not knowledgeable enough yet to go in and troubleshoot🙂. I will take a look though. Thank you.

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