Some additions, please enjoy.

  • Was mentioned in a few posts some of the things I've added people might be interested in, and since I no longer need to keep the HISE source code private and can just license the instruments, I've opened up the changes I've been working on.

    It was built on the last stable commit of scriptnode at the time of making this so if you need anything after that you'll need to add it back in.

    You can get it here.

    Some features will likely not be for everyone, but here they are:

    • Equal power loops: all loops are now equal power, so if you need linear this isn't for you.. Although I can't see why you'd want linear!
    • Integrated Downloader + Installer: Download button added to the CustomSettings page (enabled via "DownloadSamples" in the json). This will download a set of files specified in the new command: Engine.setDownloadLinks(var) - this takes a var array of strings and will download them to the specified folder. If any of the files are .zip or .rar (although rar is untested) files, they will be extracted after all files are downloaded, and the source zip file will be deleted after use to save on space. Note: this also updates the sample location directory and notifies the user to restart the app/plugin.
    • You can use this to create a bare-bone standalone installer instead if you want too, just create the URLs, create the button in the floating tile and disable the other buttons!


    • Freeform Resize: resize via corner component. Scales to 0.5* original height and 2.0* original height - aspect ratio is locked. Note: scaleFactor resize box has been removed from CustomSettings for this reason.

    • Tricolour and radial gradients: expands the g.setGradientFill() method to allow for more than 2 colours. Simply add three extra units and it will translate to a tricolour or radial gradient: g.setGradientFill([Colour1, x1, y1, Colour2, x2, y2, Colour3, proportionAlongGradient, isRadial]) (proportion is float 0-1, isRadial is bool). A fun thing you can do as a result of this:

    • Combo Box Look and feel update (now transparent background with a new text)

    • Probably other things I've forgotten about.


  • Wow these are some cool additions, especially the downloader! Does it integrate with expansions at all?

  • @d-healey I haven't even looked at expansions yet, I really should lol most of my time has been spent outside of hise for a while (I have my own juce projects on the side including a really, really basic memorymapped sampler) but now that's all done I started getting back to hise. Feel free to try it out and let me know though. I guess if you can change the var assigned to the script command with expansions it should work, but I dont know anything about expansions yet.

  • @LightandSound Ok cool, I'll take a look!

  • @d-healey I haven't tested these on anything other than windows too, so I'm interested to hear of any problems!

  • Thanks for posting this!

  • Freeform resize! πŸ‘Œ Excellent work!

  • @LightandSound Wow! Amazing! 😎
    Will test on mac asap!

  • @LightandSound Wow, nice work, and thanks for sharing! πŸ‘

  • @LightandSound this is awesome, well done. i can see the download button possibly being incorporated into the expansion system. when the download button is clicked, maybe open a link on a web page where users can locate zip packages of purchased expansions, and download directly..☺

  • @coreyu21 you can parse external text files into hise very easily so theres no need to go to an external page, could easily be changed. Also you can have multiple download buttons in the ui or change the files stored at any time with other buttons or callbacks! I'd say the less time outside of the plugin the better for users πŸ™‚

  • @LightandSound man this is gold! Thank for your generosity!

  • @LightandSound ok interesting. I’m new with anything that requires adding files to the project. I use innoscript to package ch1 and user presets, along with an updated binary of the plugin. Then ship the plugin with a global sample maps folder included for all expansions that way when a user installs a purchased expansion, everything is read correctly.

    Are you saying there is an easier way to include zip pckge expansions to the end user through the plugin itself? I know there’s the expansion system which would speed this process up , but has some c++ issues and until I can figure out the saveInPreset situation. This has been my process

  • @coreyu21 The downloader I added will automatically unzip any .zip file to the folder its downloaded to, then once unzipped remove the zip file. For this reason, I'd recommend instead not using the installer (disable the flag) and just zip up the sample files and link to those. That way the user literally just loads the plugin (or app), hits download and it will take care of the rest. You don't need to locate the samples either, the download button will do that too (but leaving the option to relocate should they want to move the samples later).

    (Zip files can contain folders, so you can zip up your folder structure for it to also keep that intact)

  • @LightandSound thanks so much. I will look into that!

  • @LightandSound a great contribution!

  • Any Example Of Free Form?!
    Cant Get Find Anything New Related To That Option.

    @LightandSound Thank You πŸ™‚

  • @LightandSound +1 What's the magic spell for resized()?

  • @Natanr @dustbro sorry, been busy on some disk streaming stuff for my own sampler so missed this - you don't have to do anything, you just compile and it's resizable.

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