Routing Issues / SOLVED

  • On my plugin I have a Dry/Wet path , I think I routed everything correctly , and it works testing with the sine gen.
    However, when I export and open in DAW I get no wet path i.e no signal through that path.

    Also, when I save the XML and reopen the path has changed and no audio is passed via the wet path ?
    I set it again , test , works , export ,open in daw and no signal ?

    All very strange.

    Here is my layout.
    This is the main routing on top.
    Routing main.jpg
    Then the wet and dry split.
    Routing Into.jpg
    This is then the output routing that works when testing but not on export.
    Routing export.jpg
    And this is what it looks like when I close and open the project .
    The routing has changed ? And this is probably the routing that gets exported ?
    Routing problem.jpg

    Am I doing anything wrong and btw , what is the difference between a grey and blue connection , cannot find anything in the manual.

  • I tried saving a new xml , and now it opens with the correct routing , trying exporting again ..lets see ?

    1. EDIT: no audio coming through wet path on export.
      Not sure how to debug this ?

    2 . EDIT: Exporting with all processing on Dry path , make sure all of that stuff is working.
    SO everything on 1/2.

    1. EDIT : Exporting with everything on 1/2 seems to work although it does not load all impulses ?

  • Strangely , this now works , sorry for the false alarm ?


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