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  • hello, i just created a fx plugin which has as function, a sidechain.
    I wanted to reproduce somehow the plugin of nicky romero (kick start for those who know)
    so I used a table connected to a filter (the filter replaces the volume).
    for export, I can create my curves to make my own sidechain effects which is cool and personalize everything. however there is so much latency that it makes it unusable.
    I tried with ableton, cubase and fl studio, on mac & PC, the latency is so high that my plugin is useless.
    dance this plugin there is nothing other than a table, a filter so that it is as light as possible.
    now how to correct this latency? thank you 🙂

  • @yall can you post a snippet of the plugin?

  • @Crystal-Audio there I am no longer at home for the moment. but to put it simply. it's just a table connected to a gain. I used a filter but it's the same thing. in the software it works but Js I export my music I have a huge latency. @orange made a plugin here which has this problem. I await his response too

  • @yall Well the code that @orange wrote that you are referencing is not an example of sidechaining. It is an example of a tremolo effect. Sidechaining by definition is modulating the volume of one audio signal by passing information about the volume of a second audio signal through a gain or compression algorithm which reacts accordingly. The interplay between the two audio signals is part of what creates the effect. Some of the power of sidechaining is lost when you lose the interplay between audio signals. If you're looking for a periodic gain reduction you could check out the LFO:

    Gain > + > Time Varient > LFO Modulator

  • @Crystal-Audio yes I did put a lfo moduator with a table. you can adjust the loop over several times and suddenly use it as a sidechain effect. the compile plugin works in my software but when exporting a track the effect has a high latency. I tried all the lfo modulator effects in hise and same problem. I said to myself that I may have had a pc problem so I tried on 3 different pc and 2 mac. same problem

  • @yall

    suddenly use it as a sidechain effect

    Are you saying that you've figured out a way to route signal information from a second audio source to affect the gain level of your track?

    Sorry to hear that the problem is so persistent. Sounds like you did a thorough testing.

  • @Crystal-Audio the lfo is synchronized with the bpm of the project so at the start of a track the lfo is well put. so yes it has the sidechain effect but the problem is that damn export latency 😂

  • So everything works until you render the audio ?

  • @lalalandsynth Yes that's it. it is also necessary during each reading in the daw to make sure that the sound starts at the start of the measurement because the hise plugin does not resume over time

  • @yall to go further I even put hise in vst in the daw and made the lfo directly without compiling. it worked but the export gives this latency

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