Arpeggiator - Can AU and VST instruments made in HISE send midi out info?

  • Hey guys,

    Literally on the brink of finishing an instrument and I fear for the answer to this question (or no answer 😉 ) but here it goes......

    Can AU and VST instruments made in HISE send midi out info?

    I know that the newly introduced midifx can do this but very few daws support the midifx format at this point in time (Logic X is the only one that I'm aware of that does).

    As an example, I'm trying to apply patterns generated using HISE's arpeggiator to trigger a third party virtual instrument (eg a Kontakt piano or woodwind library etc).

    Is this possible at this point in time?


  • @LeeC I'm afraid it's not possible (but I might have wrong)
    AFAIR this feature has been asked but I think it's not yet implemented.
    Christoph recently added the midi input for FXs, but still no midi output for instruments (or midi fx)...

  • @ustk I tested the midi output for midi fx and this definitely works in Logic X.

    I really hope you're wrong about midi output for instruments but I have a feeling that you're right ☹
    I guess I'll have to park development on this until the feature becomes available.

  • I think I've tested the MIDI FX format also sucessfully in Ableton, so it's not just Logic...

  • @Christoph-Hart is implementing midi out functionality into HISE's vst instrument a difficult thing?
    Just curious how complex this kind of thing is (not fishing for anything honest ☺ ).
    I imagine that it's not a trivial thing to do...

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