Tutorial Music Box missing code for step

  • on the page for the Music Box tutorial in the new documentation it is missing the code for a step: https://docs.hise.audio/introduction/tour/music-box.html
    about half way down there is a huge blank box and there doesn't appear to be any actual text in it, when I select and copy it doesn't work and nothing is there even when I paste in text edit.

  • @MacroMachines Also it seems like the Toolbar and preset browser are gone or somehow implemented in a very different way than in the tutorial.

  • @MacroMachines said in Tutorial Music Box missing code for step:

    @MacroMachines Also it seems like the Toolbar and preset browser are gone or somehow implemented in a very different way than in the tutorial.

    these tutorials are very very old ...

  • @Lindon are there tutorials available that are current?

    I don't think much even would need to be changed in these tutorials other than a couple of screenshots and a code block that for some reason is blank. And there appears to be some kind of markup glitch where the codeNameHighlites invert what is actually supposed to be highlighted..

    Wouldn't take much revising, maybe an hour for someone who knew what they were doing. I don't' want HISE to be abandoned, it has so much potential to be a huge integral tool for plugin development.

    I'm starting to dig into learning JUCE through the output https://www.kadenze.com/courses/intro-to-audio-plugin-development/ online class, and I am hoping I can grow to understand how to mod and potentially help in the opensource growth of HISE..

    ------ TLDR-------

    the only thing I see as room for improvement is the video on the site builds these expectations that this is as easy as working in kontakt, and it very much could be. I also have tried some prototypes in Cabbage, https://cabbageaudio.com/

    Some things I would love to reference that maybe we can somehow pull into HISE are that there are a few solid video tutorials (which seems like might be in the works? I only saw the one on compiling HISE and some basic workflow). and a nice manual, and when you download and install the application, you can compile without requiring nearly any setup. It also comes with tons of examples, all of this helps in onboarding new users, making the process to the exciting first working test plugin very quick and easy.. and then the process is mostly about designing your UI and learning how to use the Csound DSP graph.

    I bring this up mainly as a reference for a few critical details in the process of getting going with HISE that can clearly be done differently that would make this so much better, and a tool that any people used to Kontakt would gladly fully switch to this and pay whatever is requested to not have to pay native instrument 10 grand or whatever it is to have an official Kontakt instrument and they have more potential creative options and can go to any depth with DSP and extensibility they want.

    It really has been a difficult two-week process getting up and running and able to compile a test plugin with 1 sample.. and there is no reason that should have to be that way, and I think I can help at least in a conceptual sense in articulating the details of how that could be slightly changed to facilitate a better introduction to this tool.

    Then instrument developers can focus their time on designing their instrument instead of having to do tons of little forum questions to figure out xcpretty and Xcode and why au isn't compiling and oh I need to flip this to 64 bit and compile HISE myself, and oh wait I need to mod this little file and etc...

    One of the main aspects of this is updating a few things in the HISE repository and tutorials/documentation so that people know what to do when they go through the process.. and they can do it without requiring pestering you and @d-healey

    I can sort back through once I verify everything in my last tutorial project is finished and working and make a comprehensive list of changes to the doc and git readme.

    Currently, it seems:

    • Xcode 10 is required currently, not compatible with Xcode 11

    • HISE for OSX project needs to be updated to 64 bit only for a version that will work on Mojave and I need to verify if it works in Catalina

    • A change needs to be made in the front page website so that the tutorials link from the tutorials menu item

    • Any example project files and finished tutorial projects need to be verified and the example projects need a link in the git readme so that people could download some examples in the process of getting up and running and try them out, study them, and verify that this tool works properly

    • in the DOC, a separate Tutorials section should be added, they are difficult to find in the current location which is at the end of Tour.

    • in tutorial 2 for making the music box, Part 3 needs the code to go in the large blank area currently for the step to be able to copy and paste

    • in tutorial 2, the section with the top bar header and keyboard needs to be reworked a bit to provide updated information as to how the new methods of creating these things work, those are utilized in the first tutorial.

  • @TNTHM Thats where I am doing the tutorial.

  • Create UI factory method in the context menu seems to be greyed out no matter what I select, which is one of the steps near the end of the Music Box tutorial. Is this a functional feature or is it somehow something I might be doing wrong?

  • I am a noob but i have learned the most by scouring the forum for snippets.

  • @lalalandsynth Me too!

  • @MacroMachines Also near the very end of the tutorial in the button setup, it doesn't really describe very well how to do the MuteRingOff script, it just says to insert a line in the onControl script, but then that line provided gives an error, we need to know to name the midi muter MuteRingOff, and then copy the script definition to the onInit, and then add that line, which still gives an error, it seems that it should be :

    MuteRingOff.setAttribute(MuteRingOff.ignoreButton, !value);

    instead of :

    MuteRingOff.setAttribute(MuteRingOff.ScriptedParameters.ignoreButton,  !value);

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