Midi Player - Recording phrases beyond 4 bars

  • Hey guys,

    Is it possible to edit anything in HISE to increase the 'Bars' limit in the Midi Player?

    It's currently set to a max of 4 bars at the moment and I was hoping to find a way to enable the recording of lengthy musical phrases.

    Perhaps editing the MidiPlayerEditor.cpp file might do it... Not sure.

    Help always appreciated!

    Cheers ☺

  • Also, does anybody know setup the UI interface so that midi files can be dragged n dropped in just like you can with the midi player HISE module?

  • You can add the drop field as floating tile.

  • Thanks @Christoph-Hart ☺

    What do we set the Floating Tiles 'ContentType' to and will this floating tile also allow a user to drag midi into their DAW?


    alt text

  • Doh, well it was a simple as setting the Index to zero.

      "ProcessorId": "MIDI Player1",
      "Index": 0

    Now the final piece to the Midi Player puzzle for me today is...
    How oh how do we setup the UI so a user can drag midi files from the player into their DAW?

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