Difference in protocol for numStrips backend vs scripting

  • When I look under Component Specific Properties and change numStrips from n to 0 to n, it forces a reload of the filmstripImage from the images file in the project folder. When I overwrite numStrips with a script, and use a combobox to change numStrips value from n to 0 to n, it does not force a reload.

    Why does changing the value through the combobox have a different result than changing the value in the Component Specific Properties section?

  • @TNTHM Yep that is strangeā€¦
    But why are you accessing numStrips at runtime?

  • @ustk Strange indeed...

    I'm trying to find a way to reskin knobs through the gui by embedding multiple pngs in the images file and then directing the plugin to access them with a combobox. Do you have any ideas?

    I'm trying to avoid doing a multi panel set up with different skins on each panel to save space. I'd rather have a combobox that lets me flick through different knob skins at runtime.

  • @Christoph-Hart do you know why the protocol is different for numStrips backend vs scripting?

  • I'm pretty sure you can't reskin controls at runtime.

  • @d-healey That's a bummer if true.

    In terms of visuals, I understand that you can change the color of vector knobs at runtime. Are there other visuals that can be edited through the gui at runtime?

  • @d-healey said in Difference in protocol for numStrips backend vs scripting:

    I'm pretty sure you can't reskin controls at runtime.

    All you can do is embed a set of hidden controls that are using each of the images you want to use, then HISE will add them into the compile, and you can reference them to set the filmstripimage

  • @TNTHM Yep, either prepare all the controls and hide/unhide them
    Or you should be able to do that with a scriptPanel that is showing different images.

  • @Lindon @ustk Is it possible to direct the plugin to reference an external folder where I could host the images?

    /Library/HISE Images/Knob 1.png

    Then if you replaced Knob1.png with a different png with the same name, when the plugin went to reference the image file at runtime, it would look for Knob 1.png and display to new image.

  • @TNTHM No

  • @TNTHM as Dave says "No". When you compile your plugin it inserts all the referenced images into the plug-in itself - thats why theres no set of images installed when you install your plug-in.

    So to use differnt images in your plug-in you need to have and reference (have loaded) every one of those images before you compile

  • Same as the guys said, hence the panel solution:
    First, place these 2 images in your "/Images" folder => images.zip

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    Of course, you can use filmstrips for knob/meter design...

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