Convolution Broken...

  • @dustbro This happens with IPP disabled I think

  • @d-healey both. with IPP on or off. this whole problem started when you had to start call "load audio files into pool" in order for IRs to even work. before that it worked perfectly at all samplerates. that leads me to believe that it has something to do with data being handled in the RAM like IRs are hanging in there when a different sample rate is used etc. its very odd. but it kind of makes the convolution useless for actual products, as professionals more times than not alter samplerates based on the work they are doing. at they very least recording in 48khz etc

  • @mwplugs This is worrisome, I am working on an Impulse Reverb I was planning on releasing .
    I havent tested sample rates but I seem to have one impulse not showing up in the exported plugin, works fine in HISE , will have to test further. When the impulse does not load/work the plugin goes silent.

    Most of my impulses are pretty short as I need a lot of them , concerned that they will not load.

    I just checked, the impulse that will not load in an exported plug is 881 kb , the other ones that are about 3 mb will load.
    Doing some more testing.

    I am also getting ticks , when moving the pre delay setting in an exported plugin , any way to fix that ?

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