Trying to create a retina GUI, but am hitting max allowable resolution.

  • 900 by 700 is the max. I need 2048 x 1536

    Edit: Oh, well I need 1024x768. Then I need to scale the 2048x1536 image to fit in there.

  • Use the half resolution and scale every image by 50%. Retina displays will be using the full resolution automatically.

    Edit: saw your edit too late 🙂

  • How do I do it?

    Edit: There's no scale option that I can see. Also, like I said, the background image width/height are maxed out. I have a 2048x1536 image. I import it into HISE interface. Now I need to scale it down to 1024x768. I can't find that option. Also, I can't even set the image size to that.

  • I think this post has the answer you require -

  • I don't think this is working correctly. There should not be a gap. Also, not sure why the decision was made to invert the scale. 2 * resolution should be double the size, 1/2 (0.5) should be half but whatevs!

  • I'll take a look at it tomorrow. Meanwhile, you could use the ScriptPanel and simple draw the image there (the ScriptPanel is working correctly, I am using it for another iPad project).

    const var Panel = Content.addPanel("Panel", 0, 0);
    // [JSON Panel]
    Content.setPropertiesFromJSON("Panel", {
      "width": 1024,
      "height": 768
    // [/JSON Panel]
    // Load the retina image with double resolution
    Panel.loadImage("{PROJECT_FOLDER}bg.png", "bg");
            //          name,  x, y, w,               h,            xOffset, yOffset
    	g.drawImage("bg", [0, 0, this.getWidth(), this.getHeight()], 0, 0);

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