UI and timer structure

  • In order to achieve multiple UI animations, which of these solutions is preferable:

    • Use only one timer panel for all animations
    • Or one timer panel per animation?

    I currently have a mix (timer with multiple actions and some actions with their own timer...)
    I would say one timer is better because there will be only one call per cycle but not sure it's a good reason...

    Also, I tend to stop the timer when it is called and to reactivate it when everything has been performed. I know that the computation takes way less than the 30ms of the timers, but is it a good way to work with timers, or is it safe to let it run while computing inside anyway?

  • @ustk I recall @Christoph-Hart saying you would be OK with up to around 16 timers running at the same time...

  • @Lindon Good to know that 😉
    Although having multiple timers doesn't mean it's better or worse than using only one if I'm looking for the best performances...
    I'll try to run some tests but not sure the console benchmark can help here...

  • @ustk said in UI and timer structure:

    if I'm looking for the best performances...

    Don't waste CPU cycles on animations 😉

  • @d-healey Well, best performances with best visuals and best audio 😀

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