The wanderer returns! :) I'm back, with a new idea...

  • Hows it going strangers? I hope 2020 is treating you all well so far!

    I've been hard at it since Christmas working on my album, refurbishing the studio, and doing sound design for a very exciting hardware project (I'll share the details as soon as my NDA is up and it's released publicly. I think you lot will be digging it!!) so I haven't been doing much plugin stuff for a few weeks. But I'm glad to say I am back! 🙂

    I'm almost finished now on plugin number 3 so I'll be hopefully releasing them all at the same time once they're all done. There's 1 extra feature I wanted to try and add into one though, so hopefully the idea I have can help make this happen...

    @Christoph-Hart Remember I asked a few weeks back about if it was possible to have slower tempo synced modulator speeds, but in the end, it wasn't possible as it wouldn't be backwards compatible and may break old projects?... I had the idea that maybe the code for the LFOModulator.cpp could be edited temporarily and a HISE build made just while I was working on finishing this project including the extra slower speeds (2 bars, 4 bars ect.. those are the main ones I'd like to try and include if its possible) and then exporting the plugin with the cpp changes made, and then swicthing back to the normal code afterwards for all the other projects? Could that work do you think?

    And if that was possible, what would be the most tidy way to add the speeds for 2 bars and 4 bars into the .cpp? I assume its a subtracting kind of affair like -1.0f or something? (Just a guess, it's been a while! 🤣 )

    Or... even a more permanent solution on an architectural level could be maybe to totally duplicate the code of the modulator to make a cloned 'LFO Modulator 2' module that runs alongside the original one so that it doesn't affect the old projects using the normal LFO Modulator 1 and the old version would still be there, but the newly cloned LFO Modulator 2 version could be exactly the same but with the extra 2 bar and 4 bar tempo-synced speeds added in?

    I think that could work? It would be awesome to be able to add the 2 extra tempo-synced slower speeds if possible, as other plugins similar to the one I'm building have slower speeds like that, but the lowest mine can go is 1 bar at the moment so it kind of falls short compared. I know it can be done on non-syned millisecond speeds with some coding, but that's not what I'm after.

    Do you think it could be do-able either way by editing the .cpp or cloning the modulator module itself? I'm happy to just edit the .cpp if it's a huge mission to make the extra 2nd copy of the LFO module, if I know which parts to change without breaking stuff.

    Any help and guidance on this one would be mahoooosively appreciated as it's the last thing to try before I start making presets on this one and it will be ready to roll! I'd like it to be the best it can be and adding at least the 2 extra speeds would make me very happy!

    Cheers all. It's good to be back 🙂

  • Bump bump bumpppp!! 😄

  • I still need help on this one please if anyone can shed any light if it's possible to do at all? I can sign the project off and do the final build if it's not, though I would really like to add this extra feature as it's been hanging about unfinished for months now. It would be a shame for me to find the answer when it's too late after months of trying and asking. Any advise pleaaaase!! 🙂 @Christoph-Hart

  • @SteveRiggs I guess Scriptnode can do it...

  • @ustk Scriptnode wouldn't work for the way I have my project built though bro. It would literally break everything I have done.

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