Missing Widgets?

  • Is there a a Value Edit control (it'd be nice if I could also set it to display Note Values, C4,C#4,D4 etc.) and a Text Entry anywhere ? - I cant seem to find them

  • No, I was thinking the same thing 🙂 One is used by HISE in the sample auto-mapper so it exists! but is not available to us - you could probably make a custom one with a panel

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    The Label widget provides the Text Entry functionality. However the Value Edit control is indeed missing, but you can create something like this using Javascript (on the other hand, the combobox provides a related functionality so maybe this does already what you need).

    Edit: Just read the post from David. The value setters in the sample map editor are specific widgets with custom logic for handling the limits for those values. Extracting them is not trivial so I think the custom route is the way to go here.

  • Yeah, hmm... Value Edits scroll their values in a defined range on mouse-down + move. They can also (optionally) display Note numbers based on some actual numeric value they contain. So value range and display type both look like attributes of the widget to me - the behaviour (increment/decrement on mouse down + move) combined with direct data entry seems also to be something non-trivial and something its not too clean to build in Javascript and then have to "man-handle" through the editor...

    So I * really* think they are a good idea as there are very very few (and very simple) UI's I've built over the last 10 years in Kontakt that didnt use these - so we are all going to need them.
    Sorry forgot they also have up/down arrows to more succinctly change values- again more javascript....

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