Sample Editor: preview wave from cursor position (and loop if enabled)

  • I've got a bunch of sample editor feature requests on hold... here's the first one: editor click to preview.gif?dl=0

  • This is more tricky than you would expect as this is normally a feature found in wave editors but not samplers. It involves changing the sample start, skipping the note and starting a note (including pitch modulators & effects).

    What workflow would you like to achieve with this function?

  • Ahh, I only wish that it would preview the raw sample from the cursor position. A couple things this would be useful for:

    1. (EDITED) Fast way to preview any position of the sample without having to play through the whole thing, which could be troublesome with long samples (e.g. was it this one sample that had that nasty resonance there near the end... etc.)
    2. Quickly find a good position to set the start point of the sample (a hotkey modifier would be desirable for this, for example ctrl+leftclick to set the sample start to cursor, and maybe ctrl+right click to set the end)
    3. Preview the smoothness, timbre and phase coherence of the loop point (with shift+leftclick to set loop start and shift+right click to set loop end point :))

  • So yeah, it would be just a function for quick preview and setting up the start/end/loop points in the sample editor, so the playback should be separate from any of the modulation/gain/effects of that sampler module - just raw playback of the sample, modified by the settings you set up in the sample editor itself (volume, pan, pitch, loop/xfade).

    Oh, another thing: Mouse wheel horizontal zoom to the waveform would be very useful if these workflow conveniences are implemented.


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