MacOS Packages Issue

  • I'm making a demo version of Sofia Woodwinds and I've hit a weird issue with the installer. The app works just fine before it's bundled up in the installer, but once it's extracted from the installer it won't run and gives a message about it being incomplete. I've been playing with packages and my build scripts all day to solve the problem but I can't figure it out.

    I have several other packages projects that work fine and I opened one at the same time as my "problem" one to compare the two. What I noticed is in the one that works the .app file is in red text, doesn't have an icon, and it doesn't have the Rules and Scripts tabs that the other one has.

    I'm not at all familiar with how packages works or what these things I've noticed indicate. Can any of you shed any light on this?

    Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 1.33.50 AM.png

  • @d-healey because it can't find "Michaelas" in the Applications folder. Are you sure that you put the app into this folder, without any sub folder?

    You can delete the Red line and insert from scratch.

  • @orange Michaels harp is the one that works.

  • @d-healey Have you changed some permissions somehow?
    Why is the reference set to relative path and not absolute?
    What about the VST and AU?

  • My usual process is to use a .pkgproj file from a previous project (it's actually one Christoph gave me originally). I open the file in a text editor, and replace all instances of the previous project's name with the new project, for example I would use find/replace Michaela's Harp / Sofia Woodwinds. I also change the version number. Everything else is left the same. I use a relative patch from the .pkgproj file so I never have to change the paths (I always put it in the same location in each HISE project folder).

    This is the only time I've actually opened a .pkgproj files in packages, to try and solve this issue. I'm thinking perhaps the problem isn't with packages but something with the binary I exported from HISE. I'm going to update my HISE build and try exporting again.

    What did you want to know about the VST/AU?

    I think you are correct about the red text indicating it can't find the particular file. But what about the icon?

  • @ustk said in MacOS Packages Issue:

    @d-healey Have you changed some permissions somehow?

    I think this might be something to do with it, I haven't changed anything but I am working across a shared folder so perhaps that is the cause.

    Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 2.30.29 PM.png

  • I got it to work.

    @ustk Thanks for the tip about permissions. I got around it by copying the project from the shared folder to the desktop. When I have more time I'll fix the permissions properly.