A brand new DAW - LUNA

  • Universal Audio has just announced LUNA, a brand new DAW that uses native AU plugins for macOS systems.

    It seems that, AU plugins need to be tested in LUNA too in the future 🙂

    (For now, no Windows version, only for macOS and AU plugins)


  • I'm at NAMM right now. Gonna load up some plugs and see what happens

  • @dustbro

    Key features:

    full featured DAW w/unlimited tracks
    available only for MacOS.
    works only with Apollo (any thunderbolt version) or Arrow. LUNA will not open sessions without an Apollo/Arrow connected
    easy audio routing and audio setup for Apollo and Arrow users
    access UAD plugins with no noticeable latency thanks to Accellerated Monitoring Feature (no audio buffer settings, everything is set automatically to get the minimal latency)
    built-in Neve summing mixer based on Neve 80-Series consoles
    mixer that remotely controls Apollo (gain on input and outputs, Unison preamps)
    multitrack tape emulation based on Oxide plugin + Apollo and Arrow users can purchase an optional A800 Tape Recording Extension (extensions run natively, not using UAD DSP)
    Virtual instruments designed by UA: Moog Minimoog, Ravel Grand Piano (Steinway Model 😎, Shape toolkit (a wide range of sampled instruments). Instruments are native (NOT using UAD DSP)
    Support of third party AU plugins – both instruments and effects
    Timestretch (2 proprietary algorithms developed by UA) and pitch shift audio in real time
    DAW will be available in Spring. Free for Apollo and Arrow users.
    requires iLok (honestly, I don’t understand why they use iLok, as it still requires UA hardware connected, maybe for the virtual instruments that are not using UAD DSP power)

  • Sounds awful but thanks for the info.

  • Lol they better make the non-buggiest DAW on earth because I don‘t see any plugin developer spending 2000k+ € to get a testing rig just for their software.

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