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  • Hello,
    before writing this topic, I searched everywhere on the forum to try to understand a chosen thing.
    I can't create a vu meter using a strip film.
    I designated the saw meter myself and when I meet it on my project in the form of a button assigned to a gain reduction of the compressor. nothing is happening.
    I know there is quite a response already on this subject, but no one has detailed the simplest manipulation ...
    thank you 🙂

  • It looks like you're trying to hook up a gain reduction meter to a dynamics module.
    here ya go! in 13 easy steps ☺
    I'm using "right click" auto complete as much as possible.

    #1 - Add Dynamics module

    1 - add dynamics.gif

    #2 - Create a reference to the module

    2 - create reference.gif

    #3 - Create a slider and add reference

    3 - add slider and create reference.gif

    #4 - create a timer

    4 - create timer.gif

    #5 - Create function for timer

    5 - create timer function.gif

    #6 - create variable to hold a reference of gain reduction

    6 - get reference to compressor reduction.gif

    #7 - convert reduction to dB

    7 - convert value to dB.gif

    #8 - set value of slider to gain reduction

    8 - set knob value to reduciton.gif

    #9 - set slider mode to decibel

    10 - set knob mode to decibel.gif

    #10 - Start Timer

    9 - start timer.gif

    #11 - test that reduction meter is working

    11 - test that gr meter is working.gif

    #12 - set slider image to your strip

    12 - set image to strip.gif

    #13 - test that strip is working

    13 - test meter.gif

  • @dustbro said
    thank you so much. when it is explained like this I understand very quickly ^^ thank you;)

  • @dustbro hello, your explanations on very well functioned on the compressor, I would now like to do it but in view of the master commenter can do? I can't find anything on this subject which explains well as you did 😉

  • @dustbro Add this to the HISE documentation -

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