Protecting/locking HISE scripts for secure collaboration

  • It would be awesome to be able to lock the scripting window as Kontakt allows. ( or even better certain scripts) so that you can protect your customized scripts if sharing the project with an outside collaborator ( i.e sound designer, graphic artists, etc).

    Though this feature is not in the spirit of the open community of HISE which I absolutely love, I feel it would be an invaluable feature for the devs that are creating a closed source product, and it would allow for more fluid and secure collaborations while protecting any sensitive data us devs might have spent months working out without having to get into signing often insanely long and expensive intellectual property protection contracts.

  • The wonderful thing about free software is it is very difficult to corrupt it with user restricting anti-features. For example if Christoph adds a feature to lock scripts then I'll just build my version of HISE without that feature.

    You can easily share your interface script with your designer without having to share all of the other scripts of your project. But is your graphic designer really that into HISE scripting?

    This is the kind of paranoid ideas KSP scripters have, I get many emails from people wanting to know how to lock their Kontakt scripts to "protect" them. I'm not sure what they need protecting from, do they think sharing an idea hurts the idea? Or that sharing code will make the code less profitable in their own implementation.

  • Yeah, I would say that a generic NDA from the inter web should be enough for people that work on a project together to not spill any internals. If you require anything beyond that, you're either in a hostile environment and should reconsider your business network or a bit too paranoid 🙂

    Even if this function would be there, it would add a major overhead to the workflow (normally everybody just gets access to the project repo).

  • @d-healey I very much agree on all your points, I am all for sharing and keeping it as open as possible within my personal projects, so maybe I should have explained it better.

    It's not fear or paranoia on my part, but rather trying to see if there could be practical options since I do often work with clients in the video game industry that are incredibly stringent on this aspect by default (the last project went for four years + insane data transfer protocols and contracts ).

    @Christoph-Hart Thanks for the suggestion on the NDA's - I will definitely go this route 🙂

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