New Sound Generator

  • Can I suggest a new sound generator: Audio In

  • This is a bit tricky, because most hosts don't allow both MIDI input and audio input so it would have to be implemented like side chaining which is pretty complicated.

    However, you can compile HISE patches also as effect versions. In this case, the audio input is processed by the master FX chain. Maybe this is useful to you...

  • There are very few VST hosts that dont allow MIDI and Audio in to plugins, it is very common place

  • Alright. I'll see what I can do. I'll probably coallescate this feature request with a true multi-channel output system since both features require tinkering around with host in / output...

  • To be fair i was just pointing this out, it isn't actually a useful request, all the hosts that support MIDI and audio in mostly support MIDI in to effect olugins anyway, so simialr can already be acheived as you said, i would not say this is priority at all, unlike multi ins and outs for audio.

    Having said that, being able to just choose MIDI ins out and Audio ins and out as we like would be ideal, Kontakt has multiple MIDI ins and such (Not sure how useful if launching a new instance can tend to be more user friendly anyway)

  • Yes well....

    1. Christoph - yes side chaining is one of the goals here. So side-chaining INSIDE a VSTi - which I think probably IS a useful request
    2. Christoph - compiling as an fx version(VST) would offer many useful options so thats good, thank-you.

  • Why ?
    If the input is processed by the master input chain in the FX compile, why would a sidechaining VSTi be useful instead ?

  • An audio in sound generator might make this more obvious - it's not very self explanatory that the fx versions works that way.

    I might combine this with the Global Modulator Container. This would allow adding a envelope follower modulator in there and use external audio input as global modulation source.

    BTW, I added multichannel support. There is now 16 channel out version of the HISE plugins - if you build it yourself, choose the MultiChannel configuration and it should adapt the channel amount accordingly. You can then route the master chains source channels to one of the 16 HISE outputs.

    I still need to add support for compiling multi channel plugins. They will automatically use as many channels as your master routing matrix requests.

  • To be fair i'm still waiting on licencing info before i learn too much, then i will look in to compiling and any turorials and such.

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