Controlling 2 LFO intensity amounts with 1 slider (missing values)

  • Hi guys,

    I'm not sure where to add the values into the code to control these. I think I almost have it, just missing the values.

    Min should be 0 and max should be 1.

    Can anyone tell me where I need to add those in, please? I've tried a few ways but got it wrong.


    PS: I already have declarations for LFO1 and LFO2 further up in the code, that's why they aren't in this bit 😉

    const var LFOintensityAmount = Content.getComponent("LFOintensityAmount");
    inline function onLFOintensityAmountControl(component, value)
       LFO1.setAttribute(LFO1.Intensity, value);
       LFO2.setAttribute(LFO2.Intensity, value);

  • @SteveRiggs
    i'm totally new to HISE so i'm certainly no help for you, but if LFOintensityAmount is a knob (or something like this), couldn't you just set the values in the interface property editor? i guess, i didn't get you!?

  • @toxonic I had it like that first when it was only controlling the 1 intensity amount, but I need it to control the intensity amount of 2 modules with the 1 knob now instead.

    I'd usually use the macro controls but unfortunately, the intensity amount won't link to macros as the normal sliders do, so it would need to be coded now in this case. It's just the values missing I think. I just can't work out where they need to go....

  • @SteveRiggs you dont set intensity with that command,



  • @Lindon Spot on mate. Fixed. Thank you 😀

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