Script Envelopes?

  • Sorry to spam with another message, but now I have a discrepency with the documentation. I've been using a custom-scripted envelope, and it appears that the newest ScriptNode source code breaks it. Upon looking into the module, I see that there are now only two scriptable functions: "onInit" and "onControl". Does this mean I need to rewrite my envelope completely? Or is this a bug?

  • Oh I am afraid this is intentional - I didn't know that anyone is using the script envelope module and I've replaced all DSP processing script modules with an exclusive script node signal path. The only exception is the Scripting FX because I know some people are actually using it in commercial products.

    Processing polyphonic audio is definitely not something that belongs into the realm of HiseScript so this module was a bit overambitious.

    What did you do in your custom envelope? I am sure it can be recreated with scriptnode.

  • @Christoph-Hart Thank you for getting back to me, first of all. Yes, I did see in your git history that you intentionally removed its functions since I wrote the OP.

    This particular envelope was actually intended to be a modulator for my filter in two ways: the cutoff itself (assuming the unmodulated cutoff is set to the maximum frequency), and its ability to keytrack. If the TimeVariant equivalent supported polyphony, then I would've gone for that route, but here we are.

    Can this be done with ScriptNode? If so, how do I go about "converting" my script?

  • If you just need key tracking, you might be better of with a voice start modulator. Also you can combine the voice start modulator with any signal (even a monophonic one), they get multiplied with each other.

  • I appreciate the suggestion of combining separate modulators. Thankfully, I've just found a method that makes use of the apparent fact that the modulation amount can be scripted to have a value greater than one, so the problem is solved. 🙂

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