Packages script to remove ~/Library/Application Support/ data

  • @Christoph-Hart said in Exporting fx plugin with presets problem:

    When you launch it it checks if the AppData folder exists and only if it doesn't exist it extracts the presets.

    I'm wondering what everyone is doing with their installers when they release new presets? If a plugin is already installed, it sees the previous appdata folder at launch and doesn't extract new presets.
    I assume you can make a script to remove this folder during install. Anyone have the details?

  • @dustbro You don't want to remove that folder, you'd be deleting any changes the user had made. You could provide the additional presets separately and allow the user to install them through the drop down menu in the preset browser. Or perhaps your installer could add the new presets to that folder, and maybe it could rename existing presets so not to remove the user's changes. Or it could just ask the user if they are happy to overwrite existing presets with the same name.

  • @d-healey The plug will only contain factory presets. The user wont have the ability to save their own. Is there anything else in that folder that would be jeopardized?

  • @dustbro Anything they've changed in the plugin's settings, if they have access to them.

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