Anything in scriptnode for saturation/distortion?

  • I've had a look through all of the scriptnode nodes but can't see anything that would work for saturation or distortion. Is there anything I've missed?

  • math.tanh is useful for uneven harmonics. but basically everything that clips the input should result in uneven harmonics. Even harmonics are a bit complicated to generate but can sound more pleasant @SteveRiggs It depends on what you're trying to achieve.

  • @clumsybear Cheers dude. I didn't think to try those.

    There are some other quite cool sounding ones in the math folder as well after a quick test just.

    Not exactly what I was thinking but pow, add, div, sqrt, and sub all have some quite interesting distortions going on. They all sound like they could be pretty hard to tame though on first listen. Some seem to jump from zero to 10.000 miles an hour very quickly 🤣

    I was hoping for something just like the normal saturation in the usual HISE modules, but in scriptnode so that I can use it in a multiband setup. They could be useful though. I'll try a few things. Thanks man.

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