• Anyone can share some snippet of deesser? 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Mhm, okey 😛

  • @d-healey Well you don't really need a ready-made snippet for that I guess, just have to split your signal into two (or more) bands by the mean of a routing matrix, then apply a compression 😉

  • @ustk If only it was that easy. I'm still trying to figure out mine and why the signal is filtered so badly once it runs through the 4 eqs. It's un-usable at the moment the way it is 😞 I need to figure out some kind of eq to compensate for the cuts, but one that sounds natural. At the moment its filtering out the presence and character of the vocal, but when you add a boost it sounds really glassy and resonant. Not very pleasant sounding at all. When I A/B it with the raw signal it sounds terrible compared. It's the last thing I need to work out until my plugin is finished as well. Been stuck on it for weeks.

  • @SteveRiggs Probably because you're using an EQ if I remember well...? You have to use a Linkwitz-Riley filter instead.
    To compensate for the problem in an EQ will only bring you pain, suffering, and other phase issues 😁

  • @ustk I was indeed. It has been mega painful.

    I found a snippet of a linkwitz-riley network a few days ago and added a compressor on the mid band and modified the low and high band amounts. Worked ok just in that project on its own. No idea how to replicate it in my main project though as I'm useless with scriptnode and even getting anything to show up, and if I even try and add an interface to the linkwitz-riley snippet project it totally clears the project and wipes everything. Really stuck all round on this one.

  • @arminh @ustk

    I tried this snippet that @Christoph-Hart put up on another thread to try and work it out. As I say though, it works ok in this project, but I have no idea how to transfer it into an existing project, or how to go about re-building it in another project, or even how to build on it in this one. As soon as you add an interface in this project it clears the whole DSP network and becomes a blank project again. I've been stuck on this for weeks.

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  • @SteveRiggs will try to have a look tomorrow man 😉

  • @ustk Thanks mate 👌

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