Access/update Learned CC# properties

  • @Christoph-Hart Is there a way to change the already learned min/max/invert properties of a CC via scripting?

    I know the floatingTile is here for that purpose. But in my case, I have 2 knobs on the interface that are setting the limits of a parameter, giving visual feedback to the user.
    At this moment if I learn a CC, the min/max are taken into account. But if I change them, the previously learned CC keeps the old min/max values.
    So what would be cool is either to have the possibility of setting the CC properties via scripting, or just update the CC limits automatically following the new slider's limits. The first solution might be better because we can access the invert property too.

  • I'd rather recommend you bypass the MIDI learn function for this and write a custom script, since this will give you more control and better UI display possibilities.

  • @Christoph-Hart In fact, that's what I had first. But it was limited regarding DAW connections. Because controlling an FX via MIDI in a DAW is never that easy, compared to an Instrument.
    Ok, I'll dig deeper into this 😉

  • This post is deleted!

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