Simple ideas about hise.

  • Forgive the ideas presented here, perhaps offend someone. I wish hise were as simple as maize sampler, and the payment for each update. I am not a pgrogamador, the constant updates and the lack of updated study material made me give up, please delete the old videos and redo them with the current version.

  • Why not use Maize Sampler if HISE is too complex for your purposes?

    Regarding videos, I post regularly to the HISE playlist on my YouTube channel and Patreon page.

  • @Santos I'm sorry to hear someone is giving up. I agree Hise is not that simple to apprehend for the non coder (as I was less than a year ago). But seeing how full of possibility it is (and gain everyday), it is perfectly understandable that a certain amount of learning is to expect. Nevertheless the great thing with Hise in my opinion is that you can build something that works after few hours/days playing with it, and from here a world of new possibilities never cease to expand.

    There is plenty of material in the forum, and, to be honest, one can achieve very advanced stuffs just by digging up what has already been done here. Of course old things are not updated, but what worked back then should still work.
    Also there are great members here, always ready to answer any basic to advanced question, and of course @d-healey, his tutorials and his patreon with new content every time. And not to mention @Christoph-Hart, who, despite the large amount of work, always do his best to answer.

    In the end, I hope you'll find a way to create what you want 😉

  • @Santos

    I wouldn't give up on it so soon. I only started using HISE about 4 months ago now, with no programming background at all, only my previous basic Kontakt bulding knowledge.

    I'm now finishing up my 2nd project, have 1 more project at 99% completed, and have about 9 others already deep into development at about 50%+ (ish). All plugins have turned out as absolute beasts so far, much better than I ever imagined that I could ever learn to build.

    It takes a little bit of getting used to, especially the compiling and updates ect, but there are step by step videos for each process. It's a very powerful bit of kit and it would be sacrilege to give up on it before you have even started.

    Everyone on the forum always helps out with whatever problem you have (and god knows I'm a massive pain in everyones ass asking a million questions!) but everyone is mega helpful, so you will never be stuck for long.

    I havn't tried maize sampler but I'm pretty sure that once you learn your way around HISE and get past the initial 'where the f**k is everything', you won't regret sticking with it and making the switch.

    ...And I think you really must have missed @d-healey's YouTube channel and Patreon page. If you want to learn HISE and plugin development properly, then those 2 places alongside this forum are all the tools you need.

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