[SOLVED, FINALLY!] Routing mistake. I broke something!

  • Hi guys,

    I’ve been working on refining the functionality of this vocal production chain for the last 7 weeks or so around my other projects. I had it working great up until earlier when it was just 6 channels.

    I added another 6 channels now and re-built a de-esser similar to @remarkablex's multi band splitter example from a while back (as I can’t get a thing out of scriptnode at the moment so I’m determined to make this way work) ☺

    Everything is in there and in theory should work altogether, but I have a routing problem now. The signal is doubling somewhere and I cant work out where.

    Would somebody be so kind as to take a quick look at the snippet for me please and tell me where I’ve gone wrong with the routing so I can fix it? I’d love to get this one finished and onto the graphics and design for it. This is the only thing holding me up now.

    I’ll put a quick rundown below the snippet of how I’ve set the project up and the main elements of the signal chains so that it makes more sense...

    PS: Please excuse my absolute bodge jobs on the de-essers eq curves. I’ve been trying to get the steepest slope possible close to a 96db/oct slope as there is no option for those in the curve eq. It’s far from ideal how I’ve done it, but it works, in it’s own messy way 🤣

    Actually, the whole thing is mega ugly at the moment while I'm just working on getting the fuctions right.


    1&2 (Main Output)

    Noise Gate
    Compressor 1
    Compressor 2
    Phone FX EQ
    Stereo Imager

    3&4 (Send FX 1)

    Reverb EQ

    5&6 (Send FX 2)

    Delay EQ

    7&8 (De-Esser/Multiband Splitter Lows)


    9&10 (De-Esser/Multiband Splitter Mids)


    11&12 (De-Esser/Multiband Splitter Highs)


    **I also added a temporary audio loop player at the bottom with a test vocal in there to use as I build.

  • Still really struggling with this one guys. Can anyone please help? 🤕

  • @SteveRiggs Not 100% sure, could it be the fact that you're routing all of the sends to output 1/2 as well? Aren't the sends supposed to send only to the corresponding busses?

    Sry I had only time to take a quick look at the snippet...

  • @clumsybear I'm not sure. I think I saw another couple of threads on this that said everything needed to be merged back to 1 and 2 at the end.

    When it was just 6 channels (2 send fx being 3&4 and 5&6), both of those were merged back into 1&2 at the end and it worked fine. With those ones though, both of the reverb and delays were set to 100% mix, so that makes sense.

    It's only since I added the last 6 channels which are all EQ's (7&8 through 11&12) that it doesn't work anymore. It's like the signal is doubled somewhere along the way in the last 6 channels routing somewhere.

    For the life of me I can't work it out. Once this works it will be done as well. So annoying ☹

  • Still not having any luck with this one...

  • So, what was the issue?

  • @clumsybear There were still dry signals coming through 3&4 and 5&6 even when the gain modules for each were switched off and it was stacking up the dry signal. So now I keep them turned on at all times and use the gain amount to turn the signal all the way off instead ☺

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