mac nightmare...

  • trying to make a mac installer but i cant...nothing will let me install the main user application support folder...only the one within root library...pc is simple mac is a nightmare...there is no documentation as usual per hise about this...usually you would have it expand when the plugin is run but unfortunately the loop player still plulls from the audio files folder for no i cannot embed audio files and such into plugin it has to be manually installed...i cant find a solution and im irritated that every time i try to do something in hise there is no documentation of my problems anywhere..there was an example package maker file but its deleted smh

  • why arent the plugins pulling from the root library app support folder..and using a specific doesnt make sense to me..its static and simple...incorporating the user itself seems silly...pc doesnt do this its a static location

  • Because the root library folder is not visible to non admin users.

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