FM, am I doing wrong?

  • I begin with FM synthesis (though as an old communication engineer, I know what FM is)
    Compared to a tuto I am following, something's weird in the result I got:

    Tuto (all harmonics showing up)
    FM right.jpeg

    In Hise, harmonics are drastically filtered out (not only in the analyser but in the sound)
    FM wrong.jpeg

    We are playing the same note, with the same modulator and carrier settings, gain full up, in short an easy setting (unless I'm missing something obvious)

    It's like the modulator is missing a lot of gain to recover harmonics...
    So, what's wrong? Or who's wrong?

  • Actually there's no mathematically "right" amplitude for the gain of the modulator, but I am not sure which formula I used back then to implement it, but yeah, it might be softer than other FM synths (part of the reason is that if you apply FM to real world audio signals from samples, it needs to be much more subtle and that was the initial idea of the entire module).

  • @Christoph-Hart Ok I see... But it's always easier to lower the gain if you need than having restrictions.
    Anyway, I'll wait for a possibility in scriptnode, with maybe a little snippet? 😀

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