Raspberry Pi

  • A friend of mine sent me a message about HISE. He said why not put it on a Raspberry Pi running Linux. It would be a cool free, portable, hardware sampler. Any thoughts?

  • I also played with the idea of having it run on an embedded linux system. However after all I know the raspberry Pi is not really suited for low latency audio usage - there is the Bela.io project which tries to achieve exactly like this so I'd prefer trying this platform

    However I must say that a iPod Touch 6G completely satisfy my needs for a portable sampler hardware host and HISE runs there like a breeze - the CPU is much faster than any of those other options and you get a excellent touch display with a reasonable amount of memory for a pretty good price. I am using it right now to perform at a theatre play where having a laptop on stage is not an option - although you have to get into the Apple Developer program to be able to compile stuff for your device which doesn't loose its certificate after a week which is kind of a bummer...

  • Ah that's look cool and the iPod idea is very neat - but then I'd have to buy an Apple 😛

  • I was looking into these boards over the weekend and it seems that there is nothing that allows reasonable disk access performance (even the alternatives with SATA connectors seem to simply use the slow USB 2.0 port internally) so streaming is not an option.

  • Hi
    The iPod idea is a genius one. what I want is one thing, to load NI kontakt. is that possible?

  • No but there's another sampler engine that runs on iOS, I think it's called HISE 🙂

  • @Christoph-Hart @d-healey What you think about ELK Audio OS to embed Hise linux plugin on the latest Pi 4 ?

  • @Jerems134 I have no opinion on it but I recall someone else was working on integrating a HISE app with an ELK Audio device.

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