Loops fail to playback upon restart unless loop playback is disabled and re-enabled.

  • Unless I am mistaken somewhere, it appears there's a bit of a bug with playback of loops.

    When loading a set of WAV files with without loop metadata, the playback of loops will fail to playback after an application restart.

    System Details: Windows 10/ HISE Version 2.0 / Standalone / Host / 64bit


    1. A set of WAV files, normally a set of long articulations


    1. Launch Hise 2.0

    2. Create a sampler processor

    3. Import wav files and set them based on filename

    4. Open the sample editor and map editor section of the sampler

    5. Select all of the samples and set a the LoopStart and LoopEnd (without crossfade)

    6. Enable Loop Playback

    7. Save the SampleMap and save the Archive

    8. Test playback (the loops play).

    9. Close Hise.

    10. Reopen hise (with admin permissions)

    11. Load the recent archive

    12. Hold a note
      -> The playback will not loop.

    13. Navigate to SampleEditor / MapEditor view and disable loop playback, then re-enable loop playback.
      -> The playback will once again loop.

    Version number: 2.0 / build 650 (also with 2.1)

  • Hi Paul and welcome to the forum 🙂

    That's weird, I've just checked with a single sample, it restores the loop points correctly, does it also happen with one sample on your setup?

    Also, you can take a look at the sample map file (it's a XML in the project folder), this might give us a clue whether the issue happens at saving or restoring (look for the LoopEnabled property).

    Also does the interface show the loop area (the green rectangle), but the samples just don't loop or is it also not enabled on the UI?

  • @Christoph-Hart

    Hey Christoph, the sample zones do load and show on the UI, but just don't playback until re-enabled. I tried it with one sample too and it seems to be the same case.

    The XML correctly shows LoopEnabled=1 and the LoopStart (but doesn't include LoopEnd, (not sure if that's intended as my sample cutting does involve having the loops end at the sample end). See attached!


  • As an update, if you add an xfade to this, save the preset, then reopen it (or just load the samplemap) it will cause HISE to crash completely (2.0 and 2.1)

    Removing it manually from the XML fixed that, but the loop problem does still persist.

  • Update:

    This appears to only happen when the end of the loop is the last sample of the WAV file. The settings save and playback correctly when using loops that don't touch the end of the WAV file.

    Workaround will do me for now at least 🙂

  • Hmm, still not sure why I can't reproduce it. There's a minimal example in the HISE repository (extras/demo) that contains two sample maps with one sample each and both are looped from start to end. Can you load and play this example with the loops?

  • Yeah works fine with those, and now that I've re-exported with room to spare it works fine. Seems like it was just a blip with that sample set and loop settings!

  • If you want you can send me the faulty samples then I can take a look what went wrong. It definitely shouldn't crash when the Loop fade is enabled, so maybe your samples do uncover a problem that isn't apparent otherwise.

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