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  • Does anyone use Mautic for the cheap email marketing? It works with Amazon SES too. Or any advice?
    I know Sendy but it is a little pain in the ass to install 🙂

  • @orange I'll have to check this out. I was learning towards MailChimp

  • I use The Newsletter plugin on my Wordpress site. It can also use Amazon SES as a backend.

  • @orange sendy. Worth the installation pain

  • @orange I use the GMass extension (for gmail) to send through Amazon SES.
    I've been using this combination successfully for about the last 2 years - Sendy seems good though.

    If anybody needs any tips & tricks to keep your Amazon bounce rate and complaint rate low DM me and I'll let you know... 😉

  • Hi guys, all of them are good options. I am just undecided.

    • MailChimp is maybe the best one but at the same time the most expensive one too 🙂 Especially if you have huge subscriber amounts.
    • Newsletter plugin is yearly licensed so you will have to pay $65 each year. Also I don't know about the tracking data is not quite enough (like the specific product customer...etc)
    • Sendy, yeah very tough one but one time fee
    • GMass extension looks good, I don't know if it works with woocommerce.
    • Mautic is free and it has great data tracking features

  • @orange The license for the newsletter plugin is just for updates. If you don't want the updates then you don't need to pay, the plugin continues to work. I've used mailchimp in the past too, but the pricing structure is crappy.

  • @d-healey Can you track your data in Newsletter? Specific product customer, software updates for specific products, customer birthday mails...etc?

  • @orange If you use WooCommerce there is an addon for The Newsletter that allows you to subscribe customers to specific lists for the products they buy, you can use these lists to send updates. Here's the documentation for it.

    I don't know about birthdays, I don't collect such information from my customers.

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