What's the purpose of the linkedTo property?

  • I know what this property does, but I don't know why I would ever use it. Here's what I was hoping to be able to do. I have a knob on the interface that controls the defaultValue of a CC modulator connected to an LFOs intensity - in other words a knob that controls the amount of LFO. I have this connected directly via parameter ID.

    I wanted to add a second knob to control a random LFOs intensity but have its value match the first knob's. Using the linkedTo parameter though it's not possible to assign this knob to the random LFO and it doesn't fire a callback. So what's the point in linking two knobs to do exactly the same thing?

  • Basically it's just a way of duplicating a control without having to move it around.

    A use case would be a "front page" and a "nerd page". The nerd page has settings for every envelope, etc, but on the front page, you just want to show the envelope attack value. Now you could just connect them two to the processor's attribute, however the problem is that the communication is not bidirectional, so moving the knob on the nerd page wouldn't propagate it's value to the front page. That's where the linkedTo property comes in.

  • @Christoph-Hart Ah that makes sense, seems rather niche though 🙂

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