Global Modulator And filter in Master chain? But how?

  • @d-healey I'm on Win 10 .
    Nothing Is Wrong with the snippet i Know , But With This scenario Everything works okey When i Export As an Instrument , But using Global modulator and Putting Effects in Container Does Nothing With Fx plugin (Export).

    Have You exported the Snippet as Fx plugin?
    Can you hear any Thing ?

  • @Natan-Rezaei Yeah I just tried it. I don't hear any effect either, perhaps global LFOs don't work in effects plugins... I'm not sure.

  • @d-healey Thanks David , So Is there any simple solution to Link 3 Lfos For
    1 Lfo For Hp Filter
    1 Lfo For Lp Filter
    1 Lfo For Gain ?

    And The knobs are
    Fade in

  • @Natan-Rezaei simple solution = scripting

  • Fx plugins only use the master chain FX no child sound generators allowed.

  • @Christoph-Hart Thank you dear Christoph
    @d-healey Dear David ,A Quick question , How can i link A table to Control Two Tables in lfo Modulator 1 and Lfo Modulator 2?

    Here is the snippet

    HiseSnippet 1064.3oc6X8zaaaCEmz1bsNconMsnn6lNlh0UXml00gcXpwNtvXwINyYscXGJXkniHBEolDUZMF18caek12g8EYeC1HojknSzbialGb.pNHn26wG4u2+kzvXgGIIQDCfMOZRDA.+TznIbYPm.LkC52E.uIZ.NQRhcxXsyjHbRBwG.g0etlArYCf45u91cvLL2iTxB.dgf5Q1iFRkkbG59cTFqG1mbDMzZ0a612Sv6HXhTEdpiZAhvdmfOlrOVurZH.7S10mJEwijXIIA.arivexn.wa4Yq+EzD5aXDMQavH0Fkwtmf4qQrlKnS.k4Obpcm.T6xvRuP8LuvcQCn9zB9kdiaYD3Tpgs+.VadvqsM7ZcwgGzBdMxf2sQi7hoQxRIZrcCTetJPMFqBA1vJas.3ef5HTKfKeTH9DRuXEQgBatUqVOzQc6Aey3TtmjJ3NB99BI4.9lOXseYslq8qq4bVQiGWoL8wDKXLRbkh0Q834o3l7zv2PhenyoXVJoXgJyeV+6M928u1geuLq1ZgBdeNUdPDIm1NBL0pmJsEnvXsYUZi1bMlVEKqj04Cvf7nhNTmubkkJMA50yCzGg01EUAwqiLO2FX7M1kZ9XI1Tk.9g9c0OmuepsVcbQjXIU6zfcImppIyRjZh5RRNQJhLqMLRv0.Ads26o+N6SdhMwao9xfRFT2.B83.oMmnoVeeecE0d8NvYfvOkgUwVUIv4y2UUcSkaWJp6+jKPk+LSNuNwlmPkSr6OsTpOunv81ngToWP03sVE3UE+V13Mua25ncGOl3IKAaCTuW8g1Zq5NuUk4CqM7bye1.MTvlDEH3TudTlp8jAPMQYDsmy.H.nWL4mSIbuRu3u8mtGZmBnb+VEM228vTL6Ld8cnQBFN9xFQV.2PiKXJz8PEFnyRJueAPs8bo0yPMRWKmWbdlp52KHOerC33peIg9kgX2e28k3SIiEwg48uJBj6QNVcP1a3QDU+L0Ky3YG.GEJDx.J+3Ye0i65tmPDsKW2by2dS5jlHEgSOTS60QRRjo+J7mPOY6GotF+456ecG0sGev+MzfkeA27xztiI7UDmzAxU71qYHdl5iU9AB51WNWYFf8Yn7NiFu7UGbeSzgqVf8ZEeoEMLhQddIPyX3n4L+AccIL7LCld4ru00O5Vw2hAqOqgU+h0R4RLvZ4lhujlUs0GmUcImU8gmX8w4SqNHdCjoKyUmF8afLcAu5.3agFhWEdAfuWjJUsYFfkwT0G1i1OMbjHM1infJmSXpCBAqo+SEYzszzlNTDtug3uUW4Baqog4BaOU3+KmQH1KV7Zur+ghtcx0MbT1M27GDahFnocJ94IZeSH0m9ZOO8279EJuS0Zr0BqwiWXM1dg03KWXMdxBqwWsvZ7z4ng9mm9rT0Tpr7cEig6lMeBVLPCVG7OrJRdCJ

  • @Natan-Rezaei has to be scripted

  • @d-healey i need a Small light , Cant figure out Since this is All new For me
    Any Advice?

  • @Natan-Rezaei said in Global Modulator And filter in Master chain? But how?:

    Any Advice?

    Read every piece of documentation, twice, and refer back to it often. Experiment and have patience. When you've got to a point where you can't go any further then post your code and let others help you get to the next stage (at least that's what I do).

  • @orange said in One slider pack controls two modulators?:
    Yes exactly. When we tweak the step bars from a SliderPack, the both of two modulator's steps waveform will be controlled.

    Yes exactly. When we tweak the step bars from a SliderPack, the both of two modulator's steps waveform will be controlled.

    Looks like i Stocked With This linked Tables , Right?

  • @Natan-Rezaei I don't understand, what do slider packs have to do with knobs?

  • @d-healey I try to link One table To 2 Custom shape ( tables ) in Lfo Modulator.
    Look like Orange Failed And some where i read that Christoph Mentioned That it's not possibe.

    I use SetAtterbiute , And every time The Code gives An error

  • @Natan-Rezaei Yeah I don't think it's possible. The table control doesn't trigger a callback.

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