Mono to Stereo Fx Plugins

  • Hi
    Yeah as we know, Hise has a mono fx plugin support now. But I think, there is a big lack and unnoticed thing. Mono support only makes;

    Mono >> Mono

    But fx plugins definately need Mono >> Stereo conversion too (as you can see the example picture below, plugins have "Stereo", "Mono" and "Mono to Stereo" versions). And we can't do that with Hise made plugins, because output will be only mono when the plugin is opened in mono channel. But if the Mono to Stereo feature has been active, the channel output will be stereo, even it is on a mono channel. It would solve a big deficiency if @Christoph-Hart adds this feature.

    alt text

  • Yeah Mono to Stereo feature should be available. Also the developer should select which one he wants. let's say

    Stereo support
    Mono support
    Stereo to mono support

    we should select which one we want 😉

  • @Christoph-Hart Any progress about this?
    I think it should be a easy one for you, since you've already did the mono version.

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