Sliders and their displayed values

  • Is there a simple way to get a custom set of values displayed for a slider?

    Lets assume I want to have a knob (not a combo box <- bare with me) to select a note in an octave so I'd like the knob to to display "C","C#","D","D#" etc.

    Knobman offers a nice little way to do this just specify it as a list like this


    ..and depending on the value of the knob shows the relevant value. Given that HISE lets me define a value range (say from 1 to 55) but a different numStrips(say 1 to 25) - its already working this out on the fly anyway...

  • No, the knob's value can't contain text. Perhaps @Christoph-Hart could add a note number mode to the knob component since this is something that is not uncommon. You could do this with a custom panel though.

  • @d-healey yeah I know I could do it with a custom panel - I just dont want to cause Im lazy...

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