Dynamically adding effects

  • Is there a way to dynamically add effects to containers? I'm trying for a reproduction of :


  • Not yet. Although there is already something similar for modulators: Synth.addModulator(). I'll add the same for effects when I find the time.

  • OK that would be great as I cant really (re)build any (existing) products without it...Do you want me to add it to the feature requests?

  • Do you want this listed in the Feature Requests?

  • No, sorry for not replying. I have it on my TODO list, however it's pretty busy right now. I'll try to add it on the weekend.

  • Really dont rush THAT much. I'm sure someone else will shout out if they need it this month but I'm stuck in development long-march right now and wont even start a HISE product for a couple of months. As long as its on the to-do this year list that's fine by me.

  • All right, I implemented this in the last commit. You can now:

    1. Add modulators and effects via Synth.addModulator() / Synth.addEffect(). It returns a script reference to the new module (just like Synth.getEffect()). If there is already a module with the given ID, it will just create a reference to it, so you don't end up duplicating it. You can also specify the position where the effect will get inserted (it is not needed for modulators because multiplication is linear and the order doesn't have any effect.)
    2. Remove modules via Synth.removeModulator() / Synth.removeEffect() You just pass it a reference to the effect and it will delete the module.
    3. Export and restore module states via a base64 encoded string using Effect.exportState() / Effect.restoreState(). This also includes child processors (so you can restore internal modulators too).

    You must not call these methods from the audio thread - but in onInit or onControl it's perfectly fine.

    This snippet uses a combobox to switch between effects:

    HiseSnippet 974.3ocuV0kaaaDDdorIfEaUgSQN.D5IY.WYQ6zePBBjsUiKTSjsgogQAZJRVQNxZgI2kX2k1VIvGj7PA5comh9VA5En2f1YIoLohjcsdnQ.Tf67G+1Y9lY2ikh.PoDRh0mc5jDfX8419S35w8FSYbR+umX8E1CnJMHcyEs+jDpRAgDKqU9Ai.q5qRx982c2mFQ4APoHB4LAK.dEKloKk91ceIKJ5.ZHbJKth0OY29ABdOQjHEwyJ1cHIzfKnmCGRMlUylbICtRQr5Xuy1skW3M7c60tc62MbxfsuumWQBRkRfqOCcmXYa8O3OK6WDxzBoulpALlqtuHbh+XwU77O8YLEaXDXV3Q7QLkK9.QTnYyajR5MlEEd7zTnhfQ43xD5J4IzGaOfExtUdYhc8LEtkdTM0ZU69fm2+M75rH3YUAdqlCuGY6GHYI5RMFr8kERuCzkqjT6WqYeIU5phDZO2m6lwbZSCCewnQPft0.QXZDzOT01mEmDAF9xltM8Qyc8ZtoamMdVCGGrlqztSiiODgtJjX35I3ZrpYBXOQ7Pw9hqa0rpMXH77vGLNNMb1ZK2e9G8O5vYByu3LMJJvrGS.olApCjhXisyEu22vw0sISCwplOEg5s390772OAtDjCwUTcpjhN8ZdF8FjMa3bCBDCL1ZdbLJkGnYBtqfenPCGwasgy6cp6biyGqYznEoxrMjhnHPtHslFI483VKdZ7PPtIlliRgL6TWwzAiKTrQCm5nr5ATELCteJJznnNFHkHBZmHYbcqplz9bP2GSXmBWqasgojhlm8WNePBwhKgBJQFUopM2E24t+BywfvnXdFJA5EOCe6FTzMXZ.aClsIx4g0DEjyXpXnf2myzGk.2tNuFNURGxs0tphJqYUklUqVfYkhluykTvhM8vElilpy5fWunWcZOBgEZlZWMARxJ6kSZWeWx7SBv4Ql9UCmt5PJC4uPARolYLPeClTL8jpGBrDSt57fGr9Pg6irO1vpWLdqs.7hIz+uwaw4.MryY1kfcU6C9oOwC8WKGK0sKlYkgi0ry6mlAKmNVBpwEIpc2Ym+p6Qo5jTcUImfzKbfQY17O6tmVimYWZzu28kbXpE+1G9vez8iaJW4gsIWPN9DQplwOe.UKYWimqeXZrOd0g..SwbNDoLm0Wyz7jutiYsAl9.OryzKBTnzyr1pPo2TkeR9Fwz.o3MA4s0lJ1ZYRv8MO6hO0wafgqwBTQarIeDi2c3MAAFVzWgLvE6w1KsG6rzd7jk1iudo83aVZO91k1iu6d7vbQs8R0h37YJDx+BvqferL

  • Nice, well done, and thanks.

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